Benedict Wong Down for a ‘Doctor Strange’ Disney+ Spinoff Series With Jacob Batalon

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Disney+ has become the best place for Marvel Studios to put the focus on characters that usually only end up on the sidelines. It looks like some actors are down to explore their characters further in a spinoff series, such as a recent reveal by Benedict Wong. You’d think that the Sorcerer Supreme, as revealed in Spider-Man: No Way Home to be Wong, would deserve his own series. In an interview with Fade to Black Podcast, he agreed with that sentiment when asked if he’d be down for his own Disney+ spinoff.

Well look, hey, I’ll just have to wait for the Wong-tourage to kind of make the placards, they’re rioting in the streets now. Hey, what do we say? It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? I’d certainly be up for it, definitely. Where’d we go with that? We could go anywhere. So far, we always have Wong go through a portal and we don’t know what happened for the last 5 years so maybe there’s a [story] in it. Yeah, like a 5-year series. And some, they [Marvel Studios] do it so well.

Benedict Wong

He even goes on to pitch what he’d love to explore as a potential sorcerer and apprentice storyline. He highlights Ned as his potential padawan, who also revealed he had some magic in his bloodline when he summoned portals to help his friend in his battle against some multiversal foes.

I’d quite like the idea of the sorcerer and the apprentice with Ned as my apprentice. Obviously, he’s got a few of the old portal skills.

Benedict Wong

It would be a fun idea, especially as Ned set out to MIT. Him combining both worlds as a reluctant Wong takes him under his wing would be a fun comedy series. It could also pay tribute to the many apprentice-focused storylines we’ve seen in the past. Of course, it all depends on what Wong’s fate will end up being once Multiverse of Madness rolls around. Once it releases, we’ll know more.

You can watch the Interview with Fade to Black Podcast here:

Source: Twitter via The Direct

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