‘One Piece’ Adds Revolutionary Character to Cast

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Even though we’re finally nearing the release of Netflix’s live-action One Piece in late August, it seems that one more cast member has potentially been uncovered. There are still quite a few major characters that have yet to be cast, but we also don’t know how far the story will go throughout the East Blue, as many are theorizing if we’ll even see Loguetown in the first season. This new casting, as first shared by @OP_Netflix_Fan, may have added some more confusion.

Dean Damonse has seemingly revealed that he is playing a character by the name of Dragon in Project Panda a.k.a. One Piece. There has been a rumored casting some time ago due to an IMDb listing,b ut those are generally easy to edit by anyone that makes an account. So, we were left wondering if we’d actually see the iconic leader of the Revolutionary Army in the series.

The casting has garnered some concerns over the actor’s age and if he would match the character. He also had only minor roles up to this point, which makes many wonder why they’d cast the actor in such a pivotal role. Of course, there might be a reason for that due to how he auditioned, but there’s also another factor to take into account: Dragon appears very briefly and disappears for quite some time.

They might have just decided to have someone act as a stand-in that they can easily recast later down the line. With the character not having a prominent role up to the time skip, it’s not a surprise they wouldn’t want to fly in a big name. Even in his first appearance, you can only briefly make out his face after a short speech. Plus, the actor is quite young and could be used in a flashback instead with minimal lines. So, we’ll have to wait and see if he actually appears in a big capacity in the project.

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