RUMOR: ‘1917’ Star George MacKay May Replace Ezra Miller As The Flash

Backlash from all corners of the internet continue to persist as Warner Bros. stays on course for Ezra Miller‘s upcoming The Flash film. The actor recently pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to a hefty case that may lead to two decades of prison time, something that will surely pose as a thorn to the Flash film and the future of DCEU no matter the outcome.

Today, a wild, wild, wild, wild rumor is making the rounds saying Miller may be replaced by 1917 star George MacKay after the film releases.

Whether this rumor is true or not, much of the Flash’s fate is uncertain until the film hits the marketing circuit. Miller has apologized publicly for their actions but many think that their apology does not equate to accountability as Miller will continue to see residuals in spite of the damage done.

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