Sean Gunn Reveals ‘Creature Commandos’ Release Window

DC Studios co-chair James Gunn has consistently made it clear that the canonical animated series Creature Commandos will be the first DCU projects shared with fans; however, outside of “2024”, no information had been made public about when it might be available to stream on Max…until now.

In an interview with Screen Rant at the Saturn Awards, Sean Gunn gave fans who are anticipating the arrival of the new DCU a little more clarity on when to expect Creature Commandos.

We have Creature Commandos coming out in the fall, which is amazing, I just can’t wait for our audience to see,” said Gunn, who is set to voice a pair of characters in the Max series.

It seems as though Gunn will be a busy man as thr DCU moves forward. In addition to voicing Weasel and G.I. Robot in Creature Commandos (and keep in mind James Gunn has explained that the studio hopes to have actors who voice animated roles also play their live-action counterparts), the actor is also set to play Maxwell Lord in an undisclosed project(s).

Source: Screen Rant

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