‘The Marvels’ Post-Credit Scene Holds a Major Clue Most Fans Missed in Theaters

Despite being a box office disappointment for Marvel Studios, 2023’s The Marvels found life on Disney Plus and continues to generate more conversation online now than when it was in theaters. The film’s conclusion saw Monica Rambeau stranded in another universe that not only had its own team of X-Men but also a Variant of her mother, Maria, who was the costumed hero known as Binary.

While the revelation of a universe in which the X-Men work with Avengers-level heroes was fascinating in its own right, a detail about Binary’s costume that was missed by many fans in theaters has become the center of some interesting theories. As can be clearly seen on more than one occasion over the course of the film’s final scenes, Lashana Lynch’s Binary’s costume comes complete with a complete pair of The Marvels‘ MacGuffin, the Quantum Bands.

First introduced to the MCU in the Disney Plus streaming series Ms. Marvel, the Quantum Bands are a pair of ancient artifacts of enormous power. Created by the Kree, the Quantum Bands were used to create wormholes in space that ultimately formed the Universal Neural Teleportation Network. The Network has been seen and used in more than a half-dozen MCU projects such as all three Guardians of the Galaxy films, Avengers: Endgame and both Captain Marvel and The Marvels. While both Kamala Khan and Dar-Benn were shown to be able to use one of the pair of Quantum Bands, when Dar-Benn attempted to use both together, the energy created not only eviscerated her but also ripped a hole in the fabric of spacetime, causing an Incursion. However, if Maria Rambeau’s Binary is who we think she is, the Quantum Bands won’t be a problem for her.

Who is Binary in the Comics?

Binary, the cosmic alter ego of Carol Danvers, emerges from her background as a former Air Force officer and NASA security chief. Following exposure to Kree technology, she inherits a suite of extraordinary abilities, including energy manipulation, superhuman strength, and flight. As Binary, Carol harnesses cosmic energy, enabling her to create energy constructs, possess cosmic awareness, and engage in intergalactic adventures.

Despite her formidable powers, Binary faces vulnerabilities, notably her reliance on energy absorption and susceptibility to magical attacks. However, her resilience and determination shine through as she navigates cosmic challenges and confronts formidable adversaries. Through her experiences, Binary’s legacy as a cosmic hero solidifies, inspiring readers with her unwavering commitment to safeguarding the universe.

Carol Danvers’ journey as Binary represents a significant evolution in her character arc, showcasing her transition from a terrestrial hero to a cosmic force. Her time as Binary serves as a pivotal chapter in her superhero career, highlighting her adaptability and willingness to embrace her cosmic heritage. As she returns to her role as Captain Marvel, Binary’s legacy endures, leaving an indelible mark on the Marvel Comics universe and inspiring future generations of readers with her cosmic exploits.

What are the Quantum Bands in the Comics?

The Quantum Bands, revered artifacts within Marvel Comics lore, are cosmic instruments of immense power. Crafted by the cosmic entity Eon, these bands are worn on the wrists and serve as conduits for quantum energy. Bestowed upon worthy individuals, the Quantum Bands grant their wielders a formidable array of abilities, ranging from flight and enhanced physical prowess to the manipulation of cosmic energies.

The Quantum Bands stand as symbols of cosmic authority and responsibility, embodying the balance between power and duty. Wielders of the bands often find themselves at the forefront of cosmic conflicts, tasked with maintaining order and protecting the universe from malevolent forces. As enduring artifacts of cosmic significance, the Quantum Bands continue to play a pivotal role in Marvel Comics narratives, representing the enduring struggle between light and darkness on a cosmic scale.

How Binary Could Use the Bands in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Should Maria Rambeau’s Binary possess the powers the character possessed in the comics, using the Quantum Bands would prove less problematic for her than they did for Dar-Benn. While there’s no way to know how Monica’s speech with the Variant of her mother went in the alternate universe where she was trapped, the fact that Monica is stranded in a universe other than her own and the comic book version of the Bands being so connected to major Cosmic events suggest that we’ve not seen the last of that universe. It rather seems more likely that the fact that Maria is the owner of her own pair of Quantum Bands suggests we’ll not only see that universe again in the MCU but that it may be central to the resolution of the Multiverse Saga.

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