Thomas Haden Church Hints at Sandman’s Return to the MCU

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Spider-Man: No Way Home introduced the world to the multiverse with the return of some iconic characters from Spider-Man’s cinematic past. Among them was Thomas Haden Church who made his long-awaited return as Sandman. While he only had a brief actual appearance in the film with the help of some old footage, we did get him fully CG in sand form.

Interestingly enough, the actor has hinted that perhaps there’s more in the cards for Sandman, as he revealed there were talks with producer Amy Pascal and MCU mastermind Kevin Feige in an interview with DisInsider. With films like Avengers: Secret Wars on the horizon, there are many opportunities to have familiar faces return.

There was just so much going on. John and I and Amy [Pascal] and Kevin [Feige], we all had a lot of conversations. And I would say that conversations have been had about the possibility of Sandman coming into an a future iteration of it. The conversation has happened about him coming back, and maybe picking up a more fulfilling story. You know? With Flint and being not just Sandman, but returning to human form.

Thomas Haden Church

The “fulfilling story” he is referencing is the fact that Spider-Man: No Way home included one about his daughter that seemingly got cut at some point. It’s no surprise given just how massive of an undertaking the film was with all these villains and plot lines from across the multiverse it had to juggle. We’ll have to see if we can expect his return sooner or later.

Source: The DisInsider

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