Warner Bros. ‘Coyote vs. Acme’ Shopped to Other Studios After All

coyote vs acme

Warner Bros. did it again. They shelved Coyote vs. Acme to make a tax return just like they did with Batgirl and the Scoob Christmas special last year. Yet, now we’re entering a new era that has seemingly led to some actual consequences this time around. Surprisingly, Warner Bros. is now allowing director Dave Green to shop the live-action and animation hybrid film to other buyers. It seems that Amazon is one of the contenders interested in buying; though it would be great to see this get a theatrical release given the entire history.

The big development, however, is that the decision to cancel Coyote vs. Acme has revealed that this wasn’t a one-time strategy and has now been leading to some real consequences for the once-major studio. If a film that was tested multiple times in the 90s was going to get axed, many expected that their film had no chance of surviving. It seems a text chain opened due to this tax-cutting decision by the studio which had many creatives questioning their future with the studio.

This time around, Warner Bros. couldn’t make up the story that it was to protect a brand or that the film wasn’t good, which they hurtfully did with Batgirl. It also seems like creatives are canceling their meetings with Warner Bros. as a result of this action, and we might be seeing CEO Dave Zaslav’s hands slowly destroying one of the few remaining legacy studios just as it is trying to celebrate 100 years. They even tried to kill the TCM department which was only reinstated after big names forced their hands. If you want to know what studio is in shambles, this is a much more telling sign.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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