Animated Revival of ‘Married..with Children’ Being Shopped to Networks

In the era of vintage television programming from the 1990s being revitalized, it appears the next franchise to receive this treatment will be the classic sitcom Married…with Children. However, a notable twist on the format will be that this new series will be animated. All four original leads of the show in Ed O’Neill, Katey Segal, David Faustino, and Christina Applegate are slated to return to lend their voices. The new series is being written by Alex Carter, an executive producer for Family Guy. Industry insiders are reporting there is strong interest from networks and streaming platforms for the rights to this developing project. Three leading contenders for the show are rumored to be Fox, Hulu, and Peacock. Fox would arguably be the most logical option as the network where the original series aired and being home to some of the most prominent adult-oriented animated shows.

Married…with Children ran from 1987 to 1997 and tells the story of the Bundy family and their common familial blights in Chicago. The classic sitcom has been considered one of the most influential to the genre while airing and is one of the longest running comedy franchises with 11 seasons. As well, it very much helped establish Fox as a mainstay broadcast network while it was still establishing its brand identity. Numerous attempts at reviving the show have been made before, but none have had legs to them due to the busy schedules of the principal leads. Though with the animated format to this new series, it opens the door much more to the likes of O’Neill and Applegate to be available to participate. It will be interesting to follow who picks up this potential series and more on the narrative direction that will be taken for the sequel show.

Source: Deadline

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