‘LOKI’ Season 2 May Not Begin Production Until 2023 as New Director Search Starts Soon

loki season 2 director

The world was quite surprised when director Kate Herron revealed she wasn’t returning for Loki‘s second season after being the one to pitch the show. While it seems most of the team will remain, it was strange to think that a new director would take over the project just as it got announced. Still, Marvel Studios has taken a very unconventional route with its Disney+ series by establishing them similar to film production.

So, it’s not too uncommon for franchises to take a new direction under the supervision of a new director. Thor: Ragnarok proved that very point. There hasn’t been any information on it and we were left wondering when we might expect the second season. Luckily, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige offered an update on the series in an interview with Collider. In it, he stated that:

It is underway. We’re developing it as we speak. The hope is that much of the same team will return. Kate is going on to bigger and better things, so the director search will begin shortly.

Kevin Feige

The CEO did point out he wasn’t trying to be evasive, as they can’t currently pinpoint when it might enter production. He hints that they are “not sure exactly where it falls between next year and the year after.” It’s a strong hint that the second season might not enter production until 2023, as highlighted by Collider, and it’s hard to say if the series will release in that same year.

The ending teased the arrival of Kang the Conqueror, who will appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. So, it might act as a continuation to that series, as Loki tries to find his place in this new version of the Time Variance Authority. Once Marvel Studios announces the new director we might have a better idea of when production might start.

Source: Collider

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