Atlus Teases “Several” Unannounced Titles

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Persona’s anniversary in 2022 hasn’t quite lived up to the hype in some aspects. While it did finally lead to the confirmation that Persona 3 Portable (oddly without a name change) and Persona 4 Golden are heading to consoles, there was no sign of the sixth entry of the franchise.

It’s great that they aren’t rushing out the sequel but not even a sign or brief teaser to capitalize off of its anniversary seemed odd. Persona 5 was released back in 2016 and many hoped to avoid a similarly long wait that occurred between that game’s release and Persona 4 in 2008. Yet, it seems like the wait will be quite a bit longer but a new statement by Atlus may have given some hope going into 2023.

In 2023, we will start with the remastered releases of P3P and P4G, and we are also preparing several new unannounced titles. Please look forward to it!

Sadly, they don’t give away anything but we can at least expect some new games from Atlus to get announced eventually. They may be holding back on some releases due to the production timeline needing more time and if Persona 6 is on the menu, they’d likely want to make sure they won’t keep postponing it like they did last time around.

Sadly, we’ll just have to wait and see what is heading our way for now. There are also quite a few other franchises under the Atlus umbrella that might get their time to shine. Soul Hacker just got a new entry last year and who knows if another Shin Megami Tensei title is already further along in production. Perhaps last year was just the prelude to many more titles heading our way.

Source: Famitsu via Persona Central

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