New ‘Batgirl’ BTS Images Offer the Best Look at Brendan Fraser’s Firefly

batgirl brendan fraser

Batgirl is the project we’ll always wonder what it would’ve been like if it released as initially planned. It’s still bizarre to think that Warner bros. Discovery simply scrapped a near-finished project, especially with the hopes of them building a true DC Cinematic Universe. Sadly, we might never know what Batgirl was going to be like but ever since the cancelation, we’ve been seeing quite a few BTS images make the rounds.

Just yesterday, its star Leslie Grace shared a look at what her final costume was going to look like. Now, Twitter user @BatgirlFilm which shared quite a few scenes from behind the scenes throughout its production shared another set of photos that include another look at Grace‘s Batgirl costume. That’s not all, as we also get a close-up of what Brendan Fraser‘s Firefly costume was going to be.

It’s definitely a shame we’ll never truly see what exactly Firefly was going to be capable of, especially with how amazing Brendan Fraser‘s resurgence as an actor has been. We don’t know if they would’ve gone down a very different route with the character as a more redeemable man forced into the position he is in, or if Fraser got the chance to just be a straightforward villain.

Is there a chance we might see this project released after all? Sadly, as they cut it mid-finalization due to saving tax, they aren’t allowed to produce or release it. Perhaps the new co-CEO James Gunn has a chance to find a workaround to get it back. For now, we can only think of what was.

Source: Twitter

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