Ubisoft’s Creative Director Teases Massive’s Open-World Star Wars Project

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2023 is set to be another major year for gaming, as many iconic franchises are making a return. We’re getting remasters of previous Persona games, more rumors hinting at the return of Metal Gear Solid, and more. There’s also the release of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, which will see the return of Cal Kestis and a new game in the Star Wars franchise. That is not all, as it seems that we might finally get an update on the open-world game set in this universe by Massive Entertainment.

We first heard about the game’s development back in January 2021, but outside of it being open-world, we didn’t know anything else about the project. It was also the first game to not be developed by EA in any way, which would set a new direction for Lucasfilm Games. We haven’t heard anything since but a new tweet by Julian Gerighty, the Creative Director for Ubisoft, shared a new tweet hinting at the project in 2023.

While it doesn’t mean that the game will release this year, there’s a chance we at least get an update. They may wait until the March release of Jedi Survivor, as it gives them some time to focus on advertising the project before they focus on their next game in the iconic franchise. Here’s hoping that the wait isn’t much longer until we get a closer look at what the open world game may be like. Here’s hoping we might get to play Mandalorian staking out bounties in the galaxy.

Source: Twitter

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