RUMOR: Long-Rumored ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Remake May Be PS5 Exclusive

metal gear solid remake

There’s been quite a few rumors throughout the years about Metal Gear Solid making its return. While it seemed that the franchise creator Hideo Kojima was continuing work on his own projects, it was surprising that one of gaming’s biggest IPs wasn’t going to make a return at some point. The longest running rumor is that there’s been a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid in some form of production thoughout the years, not too dissimilar to the recently confirmed Silent Hill projects. Now, a Spanish site AreaJugones has seemingly revived that rumor oncea gain with a bit more info.

According to them, the upcoming remake of MGS might be exclusive to PlayStation 5 with an announcement potentially already on the horizon. There’s always a chance that something gets announced at The Game Awards this year, and a remake of this classic game would definitely be a big one. Though, Kojima has close ties to the award show’s creator Geoff Keighley and who knows if they might want to keep the focus on whatever Kojima is working on and has recently started to tease quite a bit.

What is worth noting is that there’s also . So, who knows which one this rumored adaptation might end up being or they are taking a different approach. The first entry isn’t famously long and they could take the approach to echo the stories of Solid Snake and future Big Boss. Even if this rumor doesn’t pan out,t here’s also the Oscar Isaac-led film remake that the actor last talked about back in March before it went silent once again. Here’s hoping that fans get something from this series at some point.

Source: AreaJugones via PlayStation LifeStyle, GameRant

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