‘Star Wars: Jedi Survivor’ Steam Leak May Reveals March Release Date

star wars jedi survivor leak

The tradition of an upcoming reveal being quickly spoiled has found its latest victim. Star Wars: Jedi Survivor was just teased to finally make its long-awaited gameplay showcase in the upcoming Game Awards on December 8th. Yet, it seems that Steam got a little to excited about the Jedi Fallen Order sequel, as it accidentally has leaked the release date for the project. Not just that, but also the first DLC that is inspired by classic Star Wars characters Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

It seems that the game is set for a March 15th release next year and we’re very likely to get a release date confirmation during the upcomign event. Supposedly, it’ll be scheduled around half an hour into the event; so the wait for that first gameplay tease won’t bel ong. What stands out is that we also got our first look at the returning Cal Kestis with a new weapon, a blaster. It seems we’ll have more options than our lightsaber going into the sequel.

It’s going to be exciting to see this franchise return, as while the first entry had some rough spots, there was something quite inspiring about a Dark Souls-inspired take of the franchise. We’ll see if the sequel will follow the same formular or potentially mix things up. The blaster inclusion could potentially hint at a more Devil May Cry dynamic by switching between your lightsaber and blaster, but it could also have a more last resort function. The combat in the first game was closer to a puzzle game at times. So, a blaster adds a new way to take on Stormtroopers. Guess we’ll know more later this week and here’s hoping that poncho isn’t truly gone.

Source: Inside Gaming, Twitter

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