REPORT: ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 May Not Stream on Netflix

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We just heard recently that Wednesday is very likely to get a season renewal in the near year, as the series ended up becoming one of Netflix’s biggest hits with 400 million hours viewed in a week, even beating out Stranger Things. There was only one complication: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) owns the rights and was a co-producer on the series. Now that the studio is owned by amazon, there was some uncertainty if the Jenna Ortega-led project may move away from its streaming home; especially with its recent success.

In a new report by the Independent, it seems that the new MGM series may be moving to Prime Video rather than remaining on Netflix going into its second season. They do point out that this isn’t a sure thing and there’s a chance that Netflix won’t waste this opportunity to keep the popular series on its streaming platform, but it’s most definitely an option as of now.

Amazon has made the statement in the past that they aren’t going to force every project that was produced under the MGM banner to remain exclusively on Prime Video, but it doesn’t exclude the fact that they’ll completely rule out the idea. According to the Independent, the team behind Wednesday is already securing writers and looking into filming locations for a second season, which is at least a positive hint at more to come. For now, we just have to wait a little longer for any confirmation if the series will return to Netflix or not.

Source: Independent

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