Nami’s Theme Song in the Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Soundtrack Features Aurora

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Here’s a rather big surprise but it looks like a Norwegian pop star has contributed to the upcoming live-action One Piece series’ soundtrack. As revealed by one of its composers, the always amazing Sonya Belousova unveiled that the upcoming theme “My Sails are Set” will be sung by Aurora.

Not just that, it’s also set as Nami’s theme song for the live-action adaptation and will drop this Friday. So, we only have to wait just a bit longer to get a first glimpse at what they were working on. Belousova has very actively been promoting the show with short videos that offer some insight behind the scenes and has quite the infectious energy that gets you even more excited for this adaptation.

First social reactions have seemingly hit the web as many are praising this adaptation of the iconic manga series. So, there will be a lot of expectations that the series performs well and manages to grow just as big as the original source material. For now, we still have to wait one more week until it finally releases on Netflix.

Source: Twitter

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