First Reactions for Live-Action ‘One Piece Teasing “the Real Deal”

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It looks like the first reactions are making the rounds online for the upcoming live-action adaptation of One Piece. The series has a lot of heart put into it going by what has been shared behind the scenes, it is the last bastion of the future of live-action adaptations for anime. Luckily, it does seem like the adaptation may be the one to break the “curse” even with its more goofy and silly origins.

The Hollywood Handle shares that the adaptation “is surprisingly amazing” highlighting the action, characters, and “fast-paced development.” It’s unclear if overall the story is quite quickly paced but the “amazing” wording is certainly promising for an adaptation that many scoffed at when it was first announced.’s Megan Peters has also shared her first thoughts highlighting that while she can’t reveal anything, she’s already “watched season one several times now” and that it is “*good* good.” So, it has a chance of grabbing people’s attention to give the series multiple watches or at least finish it to keep it

Another writer @EVComedy also shared that the adaptation “does the source material justice and then some.” He also highlighted that this series isn’t just for fans of the original but also will have something to offer for newcomers. They also highlight that “This is NOT Cowboy Bebop” which was critically panned.

The Streamr’s own Mo has also shared his thought calling it the “King of the Netflix Shows” highlighting the cast, story, camerawork, VFX, and more. Also says it is “the real deal” that many might have been hoping for. With so many uncertainties surrounding Netflix’s reputation with live-action adaptations, this is definitely hinting at it potentially being the series to deliver.

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