DC Studios’ Co-Chair’s ‘Lanterns’ Tease Has Reignited a Very Exciting Rumor

James Gunn may still be very busy working on making sure Superman is ready for theaters in 2025 but as the man in charge of the entire creative vision of the DCU, he has to make time for other projects as well. He’s already done some work behind the camera on Season 2 of Peacemaker and helped get Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow up and running for a 2024 start of production but a new tease on social media may indicate he’s also making some headway on another project.

At various times across multiple social media platforms, Gunn posted a relatively innocent piece of art featuring the Power Ring of a Green Lantern. However, what’s more interesting is who was paying attention to the post.

While not much is known about Lanterns, one of the more intriguing rumors about the series was that it was set to be written by Tom King while Damon Lindelof would serve as an executive producer. While we’re certainly in no position to confirm anyone’s involvement, it is of note that Lindelof made a point to like the post.

Described by DC Studios’ co-chair Peter Safran as a “terrestrial-based investigation story” in the vein of True Detective, Lanterns certainly sounds like a project right up King‘s alley. According to Gunn, the show will feature Lanterns who “find this ancient horror on Earth, and these guys are basically supercops on “Precinct Earth.” With a premise like that, Lanterns would certainly be within Lindelof’s range if not his sweet split as a creative.

Whoever does end up making it, Lanterns will stream on Max when it’s ready to roll out.

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