‘Doctor Who’s Director Tackling Live-Action ‘One Piece’s Baratie Episodes

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We just recently got the announcement of some additional cast members, as well as a first official look at the impressive sets from Netflix’s upcoming live-action One Piece series. It was announced that actor Craig Fairbrass would be taking on the role of Chef Zeff, Sanji’s mentor, and father figure. Yet, his agency, United Agents, may have accidentally also revealed who is directing the episodes from the Baratie.

In an official tweet congratulating Fairbrass, they reveal that he’ll appear in episodes directed by Emma Sullivan. So far, we only knew about Daredevil‘s Marc Jobst, which we reported back in September, and later on, would find out about Lost in Space‘s Tim Southam. So, it’s our third confirmed director on the project. It’s also our first confirmation that Sullivan will be tackling multiple episodes and hints that Baratie will not be told in just one singular one.

It’s great to get more and more details in regard to what the series has to offer. Netflix does oddly rarely announce its directors in advance, but it’s great to get some teases of who’s bringing this vision of the East Blue to life. Before One Piece, Sullivan has directed quite a variety of shows that include The Watch, Doctor Who, 4 O’Clock Club, Call the Midwife, Silent Witness, and more. So, she definitely is no stranger to

Source: Twitter, IMDb

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