EXCLUSIVE: ‘Daredevil’s Marc Jobst to Direct Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Pilot Episode

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Eiichiro Oda‘s One Piece has recently passed the 1,000 chapter mark and has been going strong since 1997. The journey of a young and ambitious pirate named Monkey D. Luffy spirals into an adventure unlike any other. With the end of its current Wano arc on the horizon, Netflix is trying its hand at bringing this iconic franchise to the west as a live-action adaptation. It’s been quiet since it first was announced in 2017 but picked up some pace a few months ago with the first look at their One Piece logo.

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There are still some questions on the upcoming production and who might bring this series to life. Early on, Steven Madea joined as showrunner alongside Luke Cage writer Matt Owens. We can now exclusively confirm that the series’ pilot episode also has found its director in Daredevil and Black Sails‘ Marc Jobst. He and Owens have some shared history, as the director also worked on the Luke Cage episode from season two titled “Wig Out,” which Owens wrote. His experience with Black Sails, a Starz series that explored the golden age of piracy, is also a great plus. He may have hinted at his involvement back in March in a Q&A with Newcastle University.

The project is currently working under the title “Project Panda,” which seemingly has changed at one point in pre-production as it was teased as “Project Roger” in May. It’s a fun reference to Oda‘s joke character Pandaman that he hides as an easter egg throughout the manga. Production was eyeing an August production start in Cape Town last year but got delayed due to the pandemic. The first season will explore the East Blue saga in ten episodes, as Luffy recruits the first members of the Straw Hat pirates before he sets out into the Grand Line.

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