‘One Piece’s Final Saga to Kick Off With Chapter 1054 in July

one piece final saga

When the message arrived from Eiichiro Oda that he was going to take a break to restructure the upcoming final saga of One Piece, many theorized that it might still be some time until they actually jump into the final steps of the iconic manga franchise. Yet, it turns out that it wasn’t just a generalization.

During a live stream to promote the upcoming One Piece Film RED, Oda’s editor came in and teased that there will be some special concept art released building up towards the return of One Piece after the break titled “The Road to Laugh Tale.” Yet, he also went on to confirm that Chapter 1054 will be the official start for the final saga and the Straw Hat crew will move on from Wano. It’ll be made available with Weekly Shonen Jump #34.

So, we have three more chapters to wrap up the current storyline which is still hard to believe considering how long the saga went on. Still, it seems that the final years of the manga franchise have begun. Don’t worry that this means we’re only getting a few more chapters, but as it is highlighted as a “saga,” we might have a few more yers ahead of us before the story wraps up. There’s no specific timeframe or chapter count given, but it’s still bizarre to think after 25 years, the end is near.

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