Todd Phillips, Joaquin Phoenix Returning for ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’

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Back in 2019, there was the heavy buzz surrounding the release of Joker, a standalone film following the origins of the clown prince of crime. The film took home a plethora of awards such as Oscars, BAFTAS, and even the coveted Golden Lion award from the Venice film festival. The film was a smash hit at the box office, bringing in over a billion at the box office with a small $60+ budget. Word has been around for quite a while now that a sequel to the film was in the works, with co-writer and director Todd Phillips returning.

The word seems to have been true as Phillips has taken to Instagram to confirm that the script for the sequel is complete and even posted a photo with Joker himself, Joaquin Phoenix holding the script, all but confirming the actor’s return. The script was once again co-written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver, who return from the first film. It’s unknown if Phillips will direct the sequel, but seems very likely.

The sequel features a pretty interesting sub-title, with Folie à deux translating into “Madness for Two” hinting what the sequel will hold for fans. One plot we could see is Joker facing another Joker. Towards the end of the first film we saw Arthur Fleck rally the citizens of Gotham city to riot in the streets, and fight back against those that look at them as a lesser being. It would be interesting to see Arthur face the consequences of his actions, and come face to face with someone whom he has inspired to rise up in his absence, as we saw Fleck locked up in Arkham at the end of the film.

We still await word on the sequel as we’ve yet to hear any casting information or even when the film could possibly release. Its definitely and interesting turn for Phoenix, as this would be the actors first sequel in his entire career.

Source: Instagram

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