‘Better Nate Than Ever’s Tim Federle on Directing an Adaptation of His Own Book

better nate than ever tim federle

Tim Federle wrote the book Better Nate Than Ever back in 2013, but now got the chance to not only write the script for the Disney+ adaptation but even get to sit in the director’s chair. So, the director got a chance to share his enthusiasm for taking on this new role during the press junket, and especially how where he is now also strongly echoes the message of his film.

It’s a dream come true. I mean, my background was as a theater kid from Pittsburgh, who dreamed of getting out of my hometown and dancing on Broadway. I never really dreamed of turning it into a movie, and I think the amazing thing about […] growing up is it never stops happening if you surround yourself with people who allow you to dream.

Tim Federle

Federle has been busy and is no stranger to working with Disney+, as he also was an executive producer and writer on the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, which has a third season on the horizon. He also co-wrote the Blue Sky Studios’ film Ferdinand back in 2017. So, the author has been quite busy, and with the chance to sit in the director’s chair and the potential success of Better Nate Than Ever, he hopefully gets a chance to also the sequel Five, Six, Seven Nate! life.

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