Leaked ‘The Last of Us’ Set Video Offers New Look at Gabriel Luna

HBO might have to invest in better security, as we’re getting quite a good look at what is being filmed at The Last Of Us‘ Jackson City set. We just recently got some photos of Pedro Pascal on the set of the series production, which hinted at them integrating some elements from the second game entry. Well, not even a day afterward we got one more set video that offers a new look at Gabriel Luna’s take on Tommy. As we theorized, they probably are in this town to meet up with Joel’s estranged brother and these new set videos confirmed the suspicion.

Luna is rocking quite the mustache in this sequence and it looks like he is guiding Joel and Ellie through the town. The jacket is quite similar to the one he had on in The Last of Us 2, which seems to be what this entire segment will primarily be inspired by. They could be using this time to set up their visit ahead of a potential second season. Plus, the continuity is a nice touch with them already integrating elements from the second game. We don’t know if they might explore a unique angle with the story in the future, or if they’ll stick as close as they can to the original game.

We did get a brief tease of the brothers before the time skip from Gabriel Luna, which hinted at the fact we’ll relieve the events when the fungal infection spread across the world. Times have passed and the world technically came to a somewhat abrupt end. It’ll be interesting to see if the dynamic between Tommy and Joel also remains the same from the game’s, or they might dive deeper into it. It’s the advantage of a series adaptation, as they can offer a closer look into what drove these two apart.

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