Warner Bros. Teasing the Announcement for their ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Clone

super smash bros clone

For some time now, we have gotten a tease for a potentially free-to-play fighting game featuring the vast characters from Warner Bros. library of intellectual properties. The Super Smash Bros. clone will supposedly be titled Multiversus, which will feature Rick, Shaggy, Batman, Gandalf, and many more according to a leaked roster. Well, it seems that the announcement might be imminent, as the official Looney Tunes Twitter account has teased that Bugs Bunny has vanished and tagged @wbgames suspiciously.

It looks like they aren’t the only ones trying to find their missing character, as shortly after Tom & Jerry has also highlighted their absence.

At this rate, it is safe to say that the announcement is probably coming by the end of the day, or at least before the week comes to an end. We’ll likely see other Twitter accounts like the DC account teasing their absence. It’s a clever way to set up the game’s roster. There are still many questions surrounding the project, as a F2P model would hint at micro-transactions being involved, purchasing future DLC characters, or how exactly it might play.

It’s described as a Super Smash Bros. clone and the timing is perfect as the most recent release ended its recent support with the addition of Kingdom Heart‘s Sora. Here’s hoping that they have some fun with the official teaser. They have quite a lot of their characters as costumes in theme parks. So, it would be quite fun to see them duke it out in tribute to the original Super Smash Bros. trailer where people in costumes beat each other up.

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