‘Black Adam’ May Not Make as Much as ‘The Batman’ at the Domestic Box Office

black adam box office

Dwayne Johnson is about to change the power dynamic in the DC Extended Universe as Warner Bros. Discovery seemingly dismantles itself from within. Still, there’s a lot riding on the upcoming Black Adam project, as it’s the last major release for the studio this year. As they are facing financial troubles and Don’t Worry Darling isn’t doing as hoped either, there’s a lot of money riding on their next superhero project set to release in late October. Yet, it seems that current predictions don’t see it making as big of a splash as the March release, The Batman.

According to Variety and an analysis by Cinelytics, Black Adam is likely to pull in around $328M domestically. While Johnson is quite the box office draw, he still is playing a rather obscure character in the DC universe that is also hoping to bank on some familiarity with the legacy characters of the Justice Society of America. The property is untested and with the hope to build a bunch of spinoffs from this one film, there’s some concern on just how well it’ll perform. If these projection turns out to be true, the film is likely to make less than The Batman and Thor: Love and Thunder.

It should not be downplayed as it’s a strong turn-in for a new property to pass $300M domestically. Plus, it’s being compared to one of the most well-established characters in pop culture and the first fourth entry of a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. If it makes its budget back and gains a profit, it’ll be a win for Warner Bros. either way but the question remains just how profitable do they expect this film to be. If it doesn’t make a “big enough” splash for the execs, they may also not be too happy with its results. Luckily, there’s still some time and who knows how things turn out once marketing starts pushing harder ahead of its release.

Source: Variety

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