First Full Look at ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Black Panther Leaked

Marvel’s Avengers teased during its premiere that we will see Black Panther added to the game at one point. The reveal was shortly after the tragic loss of Chadwick Boseman, so they decided to postpone it out of respect to the actor. It was a fitting decision at the time, and we’ve been very anxious about what design they may have cooked up over at Crystal Dynamics. A while back, someone shared a cropped version of what looked to be a Black Panther costume. This snippet was then confirmed by Avengers data miner @mmmmmmmmiller to be true at the time, but we never got the full view of it. Well, as Miller was sharing some icons from the game, which seem to be connected to future missions, a user going by @Evan18217824 shared the first full look at Black Panther.

The thing that confirms this design is that it matches the snippets we saw initially. The additions on the shoulders are a dead giveaway that this is the same design that was confirmed. This take on the character is unique, but it does feel fitting. Instead of a bodysuit, it has these armor-like elements to highlight T’Challa’s Royal position. I especially love the attention to detail here, as his symbol is on the chest plate surrounded by what seems to be traditional Wakandan inscriptions. Of course, we will get various other costumes, so this may be the default design for his story arc.
In general, I like this design, as it’s such a unique take on the character. The idea of using a traditional king’s armor is an interesting one to focus more on his role within the African country. I am curious to see what other costumes they include and if we get this design in action once the promised November War Table video is released. Still, we finally got a good look at the character and something to tie us over until Kate Bishop is playable.


Source: Twitter

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