‘Black Adam’ Scribe Teases Potential Future Spinoffs

After fifteen years of development, Dwayne Johnson’s superpowered passion project, Black Adam, is set to hit theaters. Set to introduce not only Johnson’s Teth-Adam but also four members of a modern-day incarnation of the Justice Society of America (Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher and Cyclone) and featuring the return of a couple of characters from previous DC projects, the film is laying the groundwork for a wide-range of opportunities to tell stories in the future. In an interview at the film’s premiere, writer Rory Haines was asked if fans should expect to see any additional projects spinning out of Black Adam.

Hopefully so. DJ’s been working on this for 10 years. Obviously it’s well know…he’s not just an actor, he’s a producer, he’s a visionary himself. He has a lot of vision for this and I think fans are going to really love where he wants to go.

Rory Haines

Even though the film’s main plot seems set in the present, the very fact that the JSA shown in the film has a pair of legacy members opens up the potential for a JSA-centric project to be told in the past, present of future of the DC Universe. It’s also possible that solo projects for Hawkman or Doctor Fate could be on the horizon if the characters are well received. Of course, there’s great potential for a Black Adam sequel, perhaps featuring Superman or Shazam. Whatever the case, it remains clear that Johnson’s passion for the character, which was the driving force in seeing Black Adam made through all the changes over the years at WB, will shape what comes next for these characters.

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