‘Blue Beetle’ Star Teases His Character is “Really Important” to the DCEU’s Future

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There’s been some confusion on what the future has in store for the DC Extended Universe. The newly established Warner Bros. Discovery is leaving some rather harsh scars on its own production side with various projects being outright canceled or even taken down. Still, there are a few projects that might make it out, such as Xolo Maridueña‘s upcoming Blue Beetle film. In a recent interview, the actor revealed that he was told how important Blue Beetle, whose secret identity is Jaime Reyes, will be for the DC Extended Universe.

He shared his experience after having a Zoom call with DC and what it was like getting another interview. “Why do these guys want to meet? What’s happening? I was so nervous. There’s so much riding on what they think about me.” He goes on to highlight what Walter Hamada, the president of DC Studios, told him about his character, as a way to also calm him down “Look Xolo. This role of Blue Beetle is going to be really important to this universe. We want to just make sure that whoever we go with is a real person and we’re not just hiring a face. It’s about more than what’s in front of the camera.”

It definitely sounds like Maridueña was chosen for that very reason, as he’ll bring a certain humanity to the role and the universe. Similar to how Spider-Man commonly becomes that human anchor for the Marvel universe. Luckily, it seems that the project is still moving forward as Warner Bros. Discovery still believes in the project. It’s unclear if Reyes’ role in the DCEU will also remain the same as they rewrite the next ten years for the franchise but it would be a shame not to make use of it.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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