Chloé Zhao Hints at How ‘Eternals’ Were Affected by ‘Avengers: Infinity War’s Snap

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The article will discuss some major spoilers from Eternals. So, only continue at your own risk.

The release of Eternals has given us a new follow-up on the events of Avengers: Endgame. Avengers’ action to bring back half the universe has left quite the impact with Ajak, the leader of this alien race, and kicked off the events of the film. Yet, it opened the question of they were affected by the event. It’s become a common question with every new character introduced, but director Chloé Zhao offered an interesting insight into how their new origin might have kept them from Thanos’s infamous universe-destroying snap, which she describes as “blipped.”

Well, I can’t say this out loud, but if you think about… if you think about what the Celestials told them. If you think about what the Celestials told them about themselves, technically they can’t get blipped.

Chloé Zhao

Eternals took a very different approach to the origins of the alien race. While the opening reveals they are from the planet Olympia, the reality is much harsher. The Celestial Arishem reveals to Gemma Chan‘s Sersi that they are artificial beings. They aren’t aliens but rather created by the Celestials for a very specific purpose and to correct their mistake with their initial creation, the Deviants. So, the fact they aren’t organic may have excluded them from the snap, which means they witnessed these events and had to continue acting as if nothing happened.

Source: CinemaBlend

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