Christian Bale on Experimenting With His Take on Gorr the God Butcher While Filming ‘Thor 4’

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Christian Bale‘s take on Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder is definitely a new take of the character that was made famous in a recent Thor run where he would make good his commitment to killing gods. When we got our first look at Bale‘s design, we were surprised at how different he looked and it seems that Bale got a chance to also experiment with bringing this version of the character to life during the official press conference for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Loved it, you know, because you don’t really know exactly what you’re doing with a character like that..until you see it completely, it’s in your imagination.  And we didn’t have that long, you know, we talked about it during quarantine and, you know, in an abstract way.  But then put it on, and it worked out all right. This was a pious man with tattoos and he’s cut those off, and so would have all those scars.  And that’s when you really get to start playing with it and experiment as you film.  You know, you discover it as you go.

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The “experiment as you film” aspect also fits nicely into how director Taika Waititi generally approaches his projects. He’s known for being quite a bit more inventive during production and even Natalie Portman pointed to him throwing out the script on some days. So, it also seemingly gave Bale a fun position to experiment and try out how he’ll bring the character while filming the Marvel project. So, we’ll see how the dynamic filming style may have also led to one of Marvel Studios’ most creative entries.

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