Colin Farrell Teases Potential R-Rating for ‘The Batman’ Penguin Spinoff on HBO Max

the batman hbo max

Just minutes ago, we got the confirmation that The Batman‘s first spinoff will indeed focus on Colin Farrell‘s Penguin. While he didn’t have a large role in the film, he still had an important role–especially teaching Batman and Gordon some Spanish lessons. The series has been confirmed as a limited series and an interview from Rotten Tomatoes has found its way online with Farrell teasing that not only might the series explore his origins before his appearance in the DC film but also that they are potentially eyeing an R-rating.

The Batman was still a hard PG-13 rating but didn’t fully embrace the R-rating that it could’ve. While it would’ve been great to see a bloodier take of the already dark storyline, there’s always the hope to reach a general audience as much as possible–even if Joker managed to pass a billion with that rating a few hours ago. Of course, there’s a chance that the pandemic scared Warner Bros. away from risking it and hoped to dial it back. Luckily, HBO Max doesn’t face does restrictions and it makes sense they could embrace the R-rating a bit more moving forward.

Source: Twitter

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