Cosmo Spotted in ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special’ Wrap Gift

guardians of the galaxy cosmo

While it seems that production on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is still going to go on for another week, as revealed by James Gunn in a recent tweet, it seems they had a separate wrap gift for the Disney+ Holiday Special. It includes some ornaments featuring all the members of the Guardians, but one particular member sticks out. It looks like one of the ornaments includes Cosmo the Spacedog wearing a reindeer outfit. We haven’t seen the character since his escape from the Collector’s collection in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. So, this hopefully hints at his return in the upcoming special and maybe even Vol. 3.

Of course, this isn’t a confirmation that he’ll definitely appear but it does add some likeliness considering he’s highlighted. Perhaps the Guardians make their way to Knowhere for a holiday celebration, or Cosmo ends up joining them for an adventure after meeting at a random planet. There are a lot of ways that the character could find his way and here’s hoping we get a lot more of him moving forward. Ever since his initial introduction, he sadly has been a bit absent throughout the MCU’s last few years.

The first holiday special for Marvel Studios is definitely going to be something special, especially with Vol. 3 potentially ending the Guardians of the Galaxy‘s current line-up. James Gunn also has the talent to offer some real emotional gut punches and with rumors hinting at some time being spent on Earth. Perhaps Star-Lord gets one more chance to talk to his family before truly leaving his home planet behind to focus on his intergalactic family of misfits.

Source: Twitter

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