‘Moon Knight’ Cinematographer In Talks For More MCU Projects

moon knight cinematographer

Moon Knight has left quite the imprint with fans, especially as the latest episode surprised many scratching their heads. It definitely looks like the team has also left an imprint with Marvel Studios, as the directing duo of Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson were chosen to spearhead the second season of Loki. Well, it seems they aren’t the only one as Moon Knight‘s Director of Photography Andrew Droz Palermo is also currently in talks to potentially join other Marvel projects in the future.

I’ve been asked a few things. I can’t say what. The timing hasn’t been right for me yet. But I would love to do other Marvel stuff, I’d love to get the chance to do it again. For me, it’s always about the filmmaker who is who’s leading the ship and because those are the people that I’m with day in and day out for hours and hours on end. So I really need to be excited and inspired, and also like them personally. It’s really important to me.

Andrew Droz Palermo

It’s great to hear that they are in talks for multiple projects, and it’ll be exciting to see what project he may end up getting his hands on. There are a lot of projects that seemingly are in an early stage of development. While he only worked on two episodes, he certainly left quite an impression and going by his incredible work on The Green Knight and A Ghost Story, there’s a lot of potentials to add a unique visual flourish for any upcoming Marvel project.

Source: Film Speak

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