‘Creed II’s Florian Munteanu Joins ‘Borderlands’

borderlands Florian Munteanu

It looks like Borderlands isn’t quite done casting for its upcoming film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Eli Roth-led project has found its next major addition in Florian Munteanu, who played Viktor Drago in Creed II. He will play Krieg, who is the bodyguard of the explosive expert Tiny Tina. She has also recently been cast with Ariana Greenblatt set to take on the role. Roth gave the following statement on his casting:

Florian brings real humanity and multiple layers to a character who on the surface seems totally insane and brutally savage. Krieg was by far the most difficult role to cast, and Florian brought him to life and grounded him in a way that I didn’t know was possible. He’s going to be a brilliant Krieg and will fit in perfectly with our incredible cast.

He certainly is a perfect choice for the part. The 6’4, 235-pound actor is the perfect choice to bring this giant to life and will be even more intimidating standing next to Tiny Tina. Currently, the production is eyeing a start in mid-April in Hungary, s we might see other castings get announced in the coming weeks. It already is star-studded with Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jack Black all joining the production. The film will adapt the popular gaming franchise, which was created by Gearbox Software and 2K. It is still uncertain which storyline they might be adapting from the games, or if this will be a unique take. Hopefully, we will get some more details as we near production.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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