‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Campaign Replay Confirmed for March Hawkeye Update

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We’ve been keeping a close eye on Marvel’s Avengersnext major update, which will finally allow us to play as the iconic archer. Lately, some hints have started pointing to the update potentially including more than what we initially expected. Suddenly, Intel leaked a video early on the addition of customizable HARM rooms. Crystal Dynamics also unveiled that they are holding additional streams showcasing the game’s original storyline. The theory paid off, as they announced that the Hawkeye update will include a long-requested function. It looks like we’ll finally be able to replay the campaign.



It’s been a highly requested feature, as the REassemble campaign was one of the highlights of the game. We finally get to revisit Kamala’s story, as she witnesses her heroes fall during A-Day before becoming an essential member of the team. It also makes sense to add this function alongside the next-generation upgrade. We’ll get to revisit the storyline with updated graphics and a much smoother framerate. @PlayAvenger was able to grab the video of how we can restart the campaign:



If you take a closer look, they also updated the overall UX. The storylines seem to be numbered now, so it is easier to know where you start. You can easily access any of the campaigns and restart them from the operations menu. They also published a new blog post that confirms every operation can be replayed, which is great news as one issue I had was that I couldn’t revisit parts of the story even if the missions were available. I am looking forward to trying out the replay, as I’ve wanted to revisit it for some time again, especially now as the game starts to expand with future DLC characters. I cannot wait to check out the new HARM rooms as well, which offer some replayability by testing out my heroes in creative ways.

Source: Twitter (Update Overview), Twitter (Campaign), Play Avengers

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