D23: First Story Details on Pixar’s Disney+ Series ‘Win or Lose’, Will Forte Joins the Cast

win or lose

We’ve heard quite some time ago that Pixar is working on their first truly full-length Disney+ series titled Win or Lose; though Cars on the Road could technically count if it didn’t have a shorter episode runtime. We haven’t known much about the project but luckily during the Pixar Showcase at D23, we got a bit more information on what to expect.

As it turns out, the project will explore the story of a softball game. Each episode focuses on a different member of a team that offers a unique perspective on the events that unfolded in this big game. A rather unique idea fitting for Pixar that also makes great use of the TV format. It’ll explore bad calls made by the coach of the team. Will Forte has also joined the cast as the coach.

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