‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ Promo Art Provides a Great Look at the Deadpool Corps, Wolverine’s Amazing Costume

Deadpool and Wolverine won’t hit theaters for another 3+ months but but there will be plenty of marketing and promotion to help pass the time. While the film’s two title characters will clearly be the stars of the show, there will be plenty of other highlights and it’s becoming clear that some version of the Deadpool Corps will be one of them.

In the comics, the Deadpool Corps was a team of alternate-universe versions of Deadpool that assembled in 2010’s Prelude to Deadpool Corps to take on a multiversal threat. With Deadpool and Wolverine largely set in The Void, it seems that the MCU’s iteration of the Corps will be Variants who have been pruned from their timelines.

The promo art gives us our best look yet at the members of the Corps: Dogpool, Headpool, Kidpool and Babypool(?). Absent from the art but also rumored to appear in the film is Lady Deadpool.

Another piece of art for the project sees Deadpool and Wolverine face to face and provides a great look at Wolverine’s comic accurate mask. Nearly 25 years after his first film appearance, Hugh Jackman will finally be sporting a comic-accurate costume when Deadpool and Wolverine hits theaters on July 26th.

Source: Twitter

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