New BTS Photo Reveals Another Key ‘Daredevil’ Actor Has Returned for ‘Daredevil: Born Again’

Once upon a time in 2022, Charlie Cox called Daredevil: Born Again “a whole new deal,” making it clear that Marvel Studios’ bigbest shooter, Kevin Feige, did not intend for it to be Season 4 of Netflix’s Daredevil but rather Season 1 of Disney +’s version. Needless to say, that’s outdated information in 2024.

Following a paused production and a creative retooling, Netflix’s shows became MCU canon and Daredevil: Born Again now seems to very much be the fourth season of the series that debuted on Netflix in 2015. After having originally left out, stars Wilson Bethel, Elden Henson and Deborah Ann Woll all joined the cast when production resumed and now another key member of the original cast has been captured on set.

Ayelet Zurer, who played Vanessa Fisk, nee Marianna, has returned for Daredevil: Born Again.

Of all the returning cast members, Zurer’s is by far the most surprising because the role.of Vanessa was recast. In March 2023, Sandrine Holt was reported by the trades to have been cast as Vanessa.

The photo comes shortly after the crew of Daredevil: Born Again threw a wrap party though it’s very normal for additional photography to continue even after production “wraps.” Either way, the bulk of the work on the first nine episodes is done and production is reportedly going on hiatus until November, when the cast and crew will begin work on the next nine episodes. No release date for the first nine episodes has been revealed.

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