Charlie Cox Calls ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ a “Whole New Deal”

Even in the midst of the Multiverse Saga, accepting Multiversal Variants continues to prove difficult for fans. While an entire series can be built around a Variant of a dead character hanging out with a genderswapped Variant of himself and meeting a villain who defends the timeline against Variants of himself, apparently there can only be one Daredevil. An All-New, All-Different Daredevil recently appeared in the eighth episode of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, full of new tricks, a new personality and a new suit, but the debate as to whether or not this MCU Daredevil is the same guy fans met in Netflix’s Defenders-verse continues.

However, as fans of the Netflix series continue to search for definitive evidence, star Charlie Cox continues to make it sound as though it’s going to be harder and harder to find. In an interview with ET following D23, Cox seemed pretty firm in his belief that this Matt Murdock isn’t EXACTLY that Defenders-verse guy. When asked about the recently announced Daredevil: Born Again, Cox spoke pretty plainly, saying, “Kevin has been very clear about it being Season 1, not a Season 4, so it’s a whole new deal.” Fans shouldn’t need enhanced senses to hear what’s being said by Cox there. Even so, Cox continued on indicating that he’d like to see Murdock’s journey retold back to the origin, as often happens in the comics.

What’s great about that is that we potentially get to tell some of the stories over and over again, in the same way that they do in the comics. Every now and then they start back in the beginning of Murdock’s journey as a little boy and they tell the whole origin story again, so maybe we’ll get to do that. I don’t know.

Charlie Cox

Not even Peter Parker got his origins retold as he joined the MCU and given the way the concept of Variants works, it’s hard to imagine a new Matt like the one seen in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law diverged from Netflix Matt as far back as the hero’s origin story. Cox’s words paint a pretty clear picture of where he believes Feige stands, who would of course have FINAL say on just how different the anyo one Variant is from another. However, until Feige says it to a camera, plenty of fans will be reticent to believe Cox’s words. Whatever the case, Daredevil is in the MCU and Cox is having a blast in the role. So no matter which Variant you think you’re getting, you should be happy!

Source: ET

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