PlayStation’s ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ Remake Delayed Indefinitely

knights of the old republic remake

Now, this is rather troubling news, as one of the upcoming Star Wars games a remake of 2003’s popular role-playing game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has seemingly been delayed indefinitely. According to industry insider Jason Schreier, he shared that the company Aspyr Media, who was spearheading the project, abruptly fired its art and design directors sometime this month. It seems that studio heads have hinted the project is currently on pause and they might be looking into “new contracts and development opportunities.”

The game was announced back in September and was seemingly being worked on for almost three years. It was set as a PlayStation-exclusive release that would reimagine the classic RPG for modern audiences. They once adapted the original game for iOS and seemed like the perfect choice, especially as a demo of the game was showcased just last month to the excitement of Lucasfilm and Sony. Going by the piece, it seems they weren’t expecting the development either.

Art director Jason Minor and design director Brad Prince were fired from the project with no official statement in regards to why. Only Minor hinted on Social Media that it was unexpected. Supposedly, the project wasn’t seen as sustainable due to a lot of investment going into the vertical slice, the before-mentioned demo, and was eyeing a 2022 release but really wouldn’t make it until 2025. We’ll have to see if an official statement is made on the project’s future soon. There is some belief that Saber Interactive may take over the project moving forward.

Source: Bloomberg

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