Disney May Return to Licensing its Films and TV Series to Rivals

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Disney+ was a big venture for Disney with a strong focus on creating a singular hub for everyone loving any of their properties. They went out of their way to purchase 20th Century Studios to ensure they could expand their library in a way that would allow them to do exactly that. Yet, the losses taken throughout the last few years under new management of Bob Chapek didn’t truly shape an optimistic outlook on streaming’s future.

With the return of Bob Iger, we’re seeing some traditional directions for the company such as an increase in movies hitting theaters in future years and it seems they may be back peddling on some decisions. As part of their Disney+ venture, Disney pulled back on a variety of external licensing deals for their films and television series. This consequently added to their overall loss and made it more difficult to truly showcase the potential of streaming.

Now, it seems they are once again exploring selling their library to their rivals by establishing new licensing deals. It’s a strategy that has worked quite well for Sony Pictures, who have actively avoided sinking their cash into building their own streaming service. They’ve managed to create a deal with Netflix and Disney+ to offer their expanding library to multiple services in a layered rollout.

It makes sense and it might become a new standard moving forward for many of streaming services. We might not see Moon Knight or Percy Jackson on Netflix for quite some time but the various Marvel movies are likely to hit streaming services in a few years. If they play their cards right they’ll keep exclusivity rights for at least a year and then expand their offerings. It’s a double catch and very likely the future direction for the entire streaming industry. Streaming won’t go away anytime soon but the market landscape is surely going to change once again.

Source: Bloomberg

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