‘Jurassic World’ Director Teams Up with ‘House of the Dragon’ Writer for New Atlantis Film

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It looks like we’re taking a trip to Atlantis. Sadly, it isn’t an adaptation of the iconic Disney film, even if it almost seems expected they’d at least try to bring it into live-action but an original story by Jurassic World‘s Colin Trevorrow. Not just that, he’s also set to team up with House of the Dragon‘s Charmaine DeGraté, who will co-write and executive produce the project. The deal was finalized with Skydance which will see Trevorrow also direct the film titled Atlantis.

Trevorrow‘s Metronome Film Company is producing and it seems that this project was already developing for some time. Universal was initially involved but had to return the project to Trevorrow due to turnaround,w which gave Skydance the perfect opportunity to nab it. It does seem like a previous draft was already finished with Alien: Covenant‘s Dante Harper having been involved.

It seems that the base fantasy adventure style will remain exploring the advanced civilization that was sunk. There’s no word yet though how exactly this film will tackle the iconic mythological city and if they’ll take a specific direction with the project to make it stand out from previous iterations. This is also the first non-Jurassic World project for Trevorrow in a while which just released the third entry last year. Perhaps Atlantis is an underwater dino theme park that was never revealed until now.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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