Matthew Lillard Signed a 3-Picture Deal for ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s

five nights at freddys trilogy

It’s been a long wait until Five Nights at Freddy’s finally started production. The project was trapped in production hell due to creator Scott Cawthon not signing off on any of the projects. Yet, just recently the film finally started production and is moving forward in full force. The next big surprise was who they were able to cast for the project with Matthew Lillard joining the film. Not just that, rumors already made the rounds that he’s potentially playing the franchise’s main antagonist.

In an interview with WeeklyMTG, Lillard offered a little tease of his future with Blumhouse and Universal, as it seems he’s signed a 3-picture deal for joining Five Nights at Freddy’s It seems likely the actor is all-in for the project and they may have made up lost time by building a full-on trilogy based on the gaming franchise.

Blumhouse has been on a roll with its latest projects and FNAF does neatly fit into their overall horror expansion. The recent release of M3GAN is already seeing its franchise potential with a sequel on the horizon and why not have a trilogy focused on the nightmarish Chuck E. Cheese-inspired attractions starring the voice of Shaggy as its villain? Though Lillard also has proven his horror chops with the original Scream and it’s great to see him once again diversify his acting filmography. Here’s hoping we get a tease of what he’ll look like and if he’ll indeed have some purple in his outfit.

If you want to watch the full interview, you can watch it here:

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