Disney+’s ‘National Treasure’ Star on Stepping in Nicolas Cage’s Shadow

national treasure disney plus

National Treasure is making a big comeback on Disney+ but with a few new faces. Nicolas Cage won’t return as Ben Gates but it opens up the possibility for a new generation to carry on his character’s mission. As it turned out, Lisette Olivera was the one to nab the lead role for the spin-off series titled Edge of History. While the franchise wasn’t the biggest box office draw, it still made enough to get a sequel and gain cult status. So, it wasn’t easy for the actress to step in those shoes.

After my casting announcement had been made and the whole world knew it was me that was gonna be at the forefront of the franchise, there were some people that were disappointed, but there were a lot of people that were very supportive

Lisette Olivera

Still, the series is set to carry on the legacy that the original established, especially with the original writers of the films, Marianne Wibberly and Cormac Wibberley, once again returning for the new production. She got the chance to highlight elements they couldn’t in the films due to the limited runtime.

The story of telling the history of America is so interesting because it depends on the point of view. We haven’t really covered that in any of the movies.

Marianne Wibberley

It definitely sounds like they are embracing aspects of the original while adding a new spin. Plus, if the show draws an audience and gets additional seasons there’s always another chance for Nicolas Cage to return and maybe take the new explorer under his wing in an unlikely pairing.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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