‘Doom Patrol’ Season 5 Renewal in Doubt After New Post by DC Series Star

doom patrol season 5

DC Studios is the new future of all projects under the DC Comics banner for Warner Bros. Discovery. We knew that there will be a selection of what projects currently in development remain canon to the ambitious goal of establishing a new DC Cinematic Universe under new leadership. Yet, this exciting new direction won’t come without some sad losses along the way. It was just unclear how much would remain and what won’t, but a recent Instagram story shared by actress Diane Guerrero may have shed a dark light on the future of Doom Patrol.

The series followed a group of unlikely characters that would end up working together to solve whatever chaotic mess was heading their way. They weren’t really superheroes in the classic sense, but they definitely were a family worth following. There was hope that the series may still get a fifth season to wrap up any potential plotlines or get one last hurrah even as the DC universe is being reshuffled.

Sadly, Guerrero posted an image in her Instagram stories with an image from Doom Patrol featuring her character Jane. While that isn’t unusual, the inclusion of the words “Goodbye my beloved” raises some concerns that they have already canceled the show and informed those involved with the production.

There was some expectation that the current HBO Max shows would get canned, especially the live-action ones like Titans and Doom Patrol, but given their popularity could at least still get a final additional season. This post doesn’t confirm that the show is truly over, but it does seed some thoughts of concern about the series making an eventual return. Here’s hoping that an eventual positive update follows.

Source: Instagram via The Direct

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