‘ETERNALS’ Funko Pop Revealed Including a Jumbo-Sized Celestial Funko

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Just an hour ago, the first Eternals Funko Pop found its way online. It looks like Marvel didn’t waste any time, and the rest got shared by Yahoo. It’s quite an extensive list of Funkos that includes our main cast and the main antagonist, Kro. He’s not the only Deviant in the list, as the four-legged one got included as a GameStop exclusive. The highlight is a jumbo-sized one of their creators, the Celestials, who we saw in the latest trailer towering from the camera’s perspective. Sadly, it looks like the second Celestial showcased is not getting a Funko, but this is just the first wave. 

Funko's collection of 'Eternals' figures includes several vinyl Pop! figures and accessories. (Photo: Funko)

Overall, the designs are unique even among Marvel’s usual fare. Curiously, these Funkos offer a better look at the Deviants, who seem to share a very similar visual with light green feet. Their bodies seem like intertwined tentacles, which might even get a story reason. The film is taking a unique direction from the original comics. So, we might be in for quite a few surprises once the film arrives this November.

The Celestial is definitely a highlight. It looks like it might be the same one we saw in Guardians of the Galaxy but without the giant armor. Perhaps we only truly meet these creators of the galaxy in an opening sequence, which sets us up for the story. Even the Funko Pop tries to highlight their very otherworldly designs and it’s sad we don’t get the green Celestial teased in the trailer as well. It would make for a great collection, but who knows if we’ll get more in the future.

Source: Twitter, Yahoo

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