‘THE MARVELS’ Production Heading to Tropea, Italy

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It looks like The Marvel‘s production is going to Italy, as the governor of Tropea, Giovanni Macrì announced that the film will be heading to the Italian town to shoot a scene for the film. It’ll start production there on August 27th but no end date has been announced. They also don’t go into detail about who will be involved with the shoot, as it’s also uncertain if what they are filming will take place in this town, or it might even become the background for an alien planet.

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Tropea is a resort located in the province of Vibo Valentiana in Calabria. It even won the “most beautiful village in Italy” award back in 2021. Now what is interesting is that there’s a lot of history surrounding the city, as the location is where Hercules returned after finishing his labors. The Marvel universe is no stranger to the Greek half-god, and it would be unexpected if he appears in the film.

Yet, there’s also the possibility that it connects to Nick Fury. Perhaps he is there on vacation after traveling through space for some time. At the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, we see him enjoying a fake beach on a holodeck before revealing he’s on a ship with Skrulls. Perhaps he got tired of it and wanted to enjoy the real thing before meeting back up with Carol. We know Samuel L. Jackson is returning for the film. We’ll see once the film releases, but it’s nice to see Marvel Studios expanding their filming locations.

Source: Gazzetta del Sud, Italy 24 News

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