Extreme Sports Multiplayer Game ‘Riders Republic’ Revealed

Ubisoft Forward has offered a look into the brand new multiplayer experience titled Riders Republic. This game will offer another addition to the ever-growing market of battle royale games. This one seems to be closer to Fall Guys, as you will have to race to the finish with multiple players. They also teased that most of the game will take place in U.S. national parks based on real GPS data. The trailer teases races featuring BMX, snowboarding, squirrel suits, and much more. So, anyone can play in the style they prefer as they race to the finish line.

It’s an interesting concept that seems strongly inspired by games like SSX. The idea of different playstyles all leading to the same goal is a cool idea. You aren’t restricted to just one style, so if you get bored of driving the bike, maybe just give snowboarding a chance. Each gameplay style seems to offer something unique and they could always add new gameplay styles in the future.

It seems this game will also feature some free-roaming mode to explore the environment and take it easy after a chaotic race. The focus on extreme sports doesn’t restrict them, so curious how this game might expand in the future.

Source: Ubisoft, YouTube

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