‘Frasier’ Sequel Series Officially in Development at Paramount+

Paramount+ has officially given a series order to the long-rumored ‘Frasier’ revival starring Kelsey Grammer.

After going through a long development process, the revival of the hit sitcom Frasier has officially received a series order from Paramount+. This news comes after the initial announcement of the sequel series all the way back in February of 2021. As well, word of a revival of Frasier has been in Hollywood circles dating back to the summer of 2018. Beyond it serving as the return of Kelsey Grammer to his beloved and iconic role of Dr. Frasier Crane, not much is currently known about what the revival will consist of.

The series is being written by Chris Harris (How I Met Your Mother) and Joe Cristalli (Life in Pieces). It is being produced by CBS Studios and Kelsey Grammer’s production company Grammnet Productions.

Frasier began as a spinoff to the classic sitcom Cheers, in which Grammer reprised his role that initially was a foil to the love story of Sam Malone and Diane Chambers. Frasier followed the titular character following his move from Boston to Seattle and his new career as a radio psychiatrist and dealing with reuniting with his turbulent family. Airing on NBC between 1993 and 2004, Frasier became a massive success in the television landscape. In its 11-season run, the original series and its cast earned a then-record 37 Primetime Emmy Awards (only to recently be broken by HBO’s Game of Thrones).

The new sequel series for Frasier will certainly have a lot to live up to in relation to the previous television homes of Dr. Frasier Crane. And for the young Paramount+ streamer, it is certainly hoping this can become the stalwart smash hit it is in the business for.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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